Back to blogging!!

I am back here! It’s been a while that I have not written a blog post! But now, I am back 😉

I have not written a blog post since 24 December 2014 😱 ! Many things have happened since:

  • First and foremost: Work, Work and Work!!! Many Projects, on LAN, Datacenter and WAN. Many projects on new technologies also such SD-WAN & SD-DC and SD-ACCESS.
  • I studied for the CCIE Routing & Switching that I passed on May 2017.
  • Right away, I studied for the CCIE Datacenter that I passed last year on September 2019.
  • When I was tired of reading 😵 or of labbing technologies 😵, I did some Network automation Scripts as a beginner.

It’s time to start sharing more with the community!!

So many things will come this year in this blog:

  • My SD-WAN experience: Many things to talk about here thus many things coming in the blog!!!!
  • Some scripts that I started. Scripts for day to day tasks and for troubleshooting
  • Some Cisco ACI experience with some automation staff
  • Day to day tips

Stay tuned, the next coming post is about SD-WAN!

As usual, feel free to contact me on Twitter or Linkedin if you have any question. You can also add a comment on this page.

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